December 2022

The holiday season began right at the beginning of December this year. On December 1st, we started the season off by attending the annual Christmas festival in the town next to ours. We actually went two nights this year. I love this tradition.

The excitement continued as Parks got his driver’s license this month!

Sawyer and Parks had a bouldering competition.

Sims came home at the beginning of December after he completed his first semester at the College of Charleston. He then moved a boat from Savannah to the Bahamas. Sawyer also finished up her semester at Mitchell Community College. Parks is still working through his classes and continued to work through the break.

We did sneak away from the Carolinas for about a week. We went to Orlando with family and checked out Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios and some other fun attractions.

Heading out of town made the month fly by even quicker than usual. We came home and did the holiday festivities with the family in town. Overall, the month flew by!


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