Another Year Older-Parks Turns 16!

I know I say it all the time-how does the time fly by so quickly! Parks’s last year has been full of adventure. We though that he was kinda crazy with his biking-we had no idea what crazy looked like at the time. On Parks’s 15th birthday, he received a new bike that has taken him to new heights-literally. He has learned to jump over things, higher than I am comfortable with, and farther than I knew a bike without a motor could jump.

Parks also got his driver’s permit and is now driving cars in addition to boats! He used his boat driving skills to help his brother move boats throughout the year as a first job. Throughout the year, he also started two other jobs-mowing lawns and working at a local bike shop.

Probably the neatest part of Parks’s last year involves traveling. He went to England with friends for the month of March. He got to surf at the beach in Florida for a week. And last but definitely not least, he went on a road trip across the country with his brother.

I think overall, Parks had a pretty good year of being 15! I can’t wait to see all that happens in the next year! Happy Birthday Parks!


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