October 2022

Well, everyone remains in school-one quarter down for everyone! I think I will do monthly highlights this post!

Our monarchs all emerged! We had about 50 or so this year. Our monarch population has diminished quite a bit over the past two years. I think we would have had more this year, but the neighborhood came in and cleared the land behind our house. A tree fell on my milkweed garden killing quite a bit of milkweed! Luckily, we did get to save a few. 🙂

The trees this year have been AMAZING! Sawyer and I have enjoyed many hikes while Parks rides.

Parks participated in his first enduro race this month. He came in second place-missing first by only 7 tenths of a second. They also had a whip-it contest at the end of the day. The weather was perfect. Nick and I had a blast hanging out and watching him race.

Sawyer and I visited and toured Clemson University. She really liked the campus and the people.

Parks and I went to Kanuga bike park where he found a new set of dirt jumps. I cannot hike on the bike trails there so I took in the sites around the area and then got some videos of him on the dirt jumps.

Climbing competition. Sawyer had her first climbing competition of the season. She did fantastic!

Halloween weekend- Sawyer went on a ghost tour of the town and found out a lot of history that we did not know-including quite a few murders!! Nick also worked at our friend’s haunted car wash one night so we went to visit him and see his scary shenanigans.

Probably the craziest part of the month came the last week. Sims called up and said that he was moving a trailer from Charlotte to Arizona. Parks said that he has always wanted to ride out west, so Sims told him to pack up the bikes. They drove from Charlotte, NC to Phoenix, AZ biking along the way. Parks fell in love with Boulder, CO. I am impressed they made it with both of them coming back still talking-LOL. That was a long time in the truck!


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