August and September 2022-All in School!

I have struggled to write this post for a while now-obviously, as I did not write a post for August. A lot changed this year. My parents have been in need of my time more. One kiddo is off to college. One kiddo is taking classes at the local community college. And one kiddo struggled with what to do this year. Thus, our simple days have not been so simple.

Sims moved into his apartment in Charleston. Unfortunately, I had covid so I did not get to help him move in. It felt so very odd to not have that moment with him. I am not on social media and this was a time that I was so grateful for that. It was hard enough to hear the stories from my friends about move in days and getting things set up. (You will notice many conflicting feelings throughout this post). At the same time, I was overjoyed to hear about all of the new adventures our kids were about to embark on. Sims is sailing on the off shore team with the college. I believe he is enjoying it so far. Being on the team requires him to bet very cognizant of his time and his schedule. They travel quite a bit in addition to practicing. His freshman year classes are pretty much the basic classes required for a liberal arts college.

Sawyer started taking classes at our local community college. She is also starting on college applications. Since we did not get to visit any schools in the spring, we are starting to visit a few schools that she is interested in. This month, we visited UNCW. She and I also started taking tennis lessons. Sawyer also continues to rock climb and to work at the local bakery as the vegan, gluten-free baker. Since going to the semester school last year, Sawyer realized how much she enjoys having a schedule. Thus, she is managing her time quite a bit differently this year. She takes classes Monday through Thursday and works on school work those same hours on Fridays. She is doing terrific.

Parks started the school year off at a local co-op two days a week. After the first week, he asked if he could try out the local public school. Three weeks later, he is still there. Thus, I think he will be there for the year at least. He too continues to rock climb in addition to mountain bike and work at the local bike shop.

My days are lost. I have read over and over about how much life changes when you stop home schooling. I cannot find the words to describe the feelings. I feel as if I have been fired from my job. The sudden change has me flailing. I am proud of my kiddos for all they are doing. For those who always wonder if they are doing enough as homeschoolers-you are. I always felt that we weren’t doing enough. I felt stressed if we didn’t finish a curriculum. I felt stressed that they would not be able to do traditional school. All of those worries were unwarranted. Besides-how do they get socialized; I think the other most common question is- how will they make it in “the real world?” I have found that the answer is just fine. All three kids have moved from unschooling and untraditional education into VERY traditional teaching environments. They are all making good grades, keeping up with their work and doing well. Now, I have to figure out how to move back into the traditional world! Everyone made big changes this year. I will continue to write a bit. I am just not sure how much there will be to tell. We seemed to have moved from a life of simple days filled with adventures to a life more ordinary.

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