May 2022

Let’s wrap up the year! May continued to be a bit tricky as I was still back and forth to Charlotte most days. Parks continued to get schooled in life and helped out a ton with my parents. Parks finished up most of his school work this month. He completed Algebra I, Personal Finance, English I, Rock Climbing and Topics in US History. Over the summer he will finish up his Intro to Physics and an independent study on bicycle mechanics. Parks also applied for a job that required a cover letter, a resume, and two in person interviews. He will begin working as soon as he completes his online education for the class which includes about 40 hours worth of classes!

Sawyer had her final exams and a solo backpacking trip. We also got to pick Sawyer up from her semester school program on May 14th! We have truly enjoyed having her back home! So far, she hasn’t wasted any time. Once back home, she headed to a local bakery to see about working there this summer. She will be a gluten-free, vegan baker for the bakery! In her first week, she learned how to make several new desserts. As a family, I think we may all enjoy this job!

Last but not least, we hit the beach at the end of the month. April and the beginning of May were quite stressful and busy. I needed a few days to decompress. I think everyone benefitted from the trip. We hit a quiet beach in Florida where we read, surfed, and took lots of walks! We were right next to a state park with beautiful gardens too. Overall, a fun vacation!


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