Another Year Older-Sims turns 19!


I debated on writing another post on Sims, and I guess I finally decided I wanted to write it. So much has happened over Sims’s last year that I am having a difficult time even remembering all of it! Sims’s 18th year started off with lots of sailing and that theme continued through the year. He sailed on a high school team. He sailed in local regattas. He sailed in regattas around the southeastern US. He helped to move boats around the eastern US and to the Caribbean.

He climbed one last season on the climbing team that he has been on for five years. He made it to the national competition in Reno.

He worked hard learning how to manage a boat rental company. We have enjoyed watching him truly mature into an adult. He has grown into a kind and caring adult with a taste for adventure. His plan to head to Florida for college changed for many reasons, and he hasn’t let that slow him down. He embraces learning new skills and knowledge every chance that he gets even though not in a formal school at the moment. (This is one my favorite parts of being homeschoolers-we don’t always follow the normal path and it always seems to work out.)

Happy 19th Birthday Sims!!


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