Another Year Older-Sawyer turns 17!

Sawyer and I were discussing her past year on her birthday, and I was shocked by all she has done this year. For some reason, 16 seemed very chill and relaxed. In my mind, Sawyer didn’t have very many big things happen this year. In her mind, she had a TON! She started her year off with getting her driver’s license which opened up her world. She even got to learn how to drive a scooter. She road tripped to Greenville, SC to climb, to Blowing Rock, NC to hang in the mountains for a bit, and to Moore’s Wall to boulder.

She did a lot more art and creating. She made a full dress with balloon sleeves-a goal she has had for a while. She started doing more collage and multimedia artwork.

She got her lifeguarding certificate and worked through the summer as a guard at a local pool.

She hung out with friends and family.

She climbed ALOT!

And I think her favorite part of the year, she got two kittens. They definitely love her and know that she is the one who cares for them.

Happy 17th birthday Sawyer!!

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