2021/2022-Let Us Begin (Written a bit late)

Yep, I am starting the year off late-well the writing part at least. Down to two kids..sort of! The quick run down-Sims was about to head off school and made a last minute change. He was unable to get the classes he wanted, and all of his classes were going to be held online. Thus, he decided to take a gap year. Obviously, I am not doing much with him right now, but his change did alter quite a few of my plans for the year. (I was looking very forward to road trips to the beach-I mean Florida). So, August got completely turned around. Parks also strongly considered going to school this year. Can we say planning was difficult? We did start, and we did plan. I just didn’t quite plan the way I have in the past. Here we go!

Sawyer is in the eleventh grade this year. Her goal for this year is to be able to converse in Spanish. My goal for her is to find an organizational method that works for her in regards to her school work and her time. Sawyer’s courses this year include Algebra II through Mr.D math, American Criminal Justice through Open Tent Academy, Chemistry, Creative Writing, Intro to Psychology and Spanish. She plans to continue rock climbing, her art, pet sitting, and to maybe get a part time job.

Parks is in the ninth grade this year. His goal for this year is to learn about making money. My goal for Parks is for him to take ownership over his schooling. Parks’s courses this year include Algebra I through Math-U -See, Essays and Research, Finance, Athletic Conditioning, Intro to Physics, Health, and Topics in US History. He plans to join the NICA mountain biking team in the winter, snowboard, and continue skateboarding.

As a group, we are going to try to get some day trips in this year. It seems that some things are starting to open back up for tours. Let’s hope we can actually get a few in!

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