February 2021

Why must every February be so…well, February? I thought this year would be my year for a terrific February. I mean, the month started off with snow on my morning walk! I thought, ” Wow! January went well. It is snowing on the first day of February. Maybe this year will prove to be an easy February.” Well, it wasn’t.

First off, there was ALOT of rain which makes for tough days. Then, school got busy. Papers were due. Math tests occurred. And, I honestly think that the knowledge that we have been “quarantined” for a full year hit home with us. As you know from this blog, we like going places and doing things. Learning at home is great and all, but we love to learn from the world.

Now, let’s focus on the happy parts of the month. We did a few environmental science labs, including a forensics lab in which the kids had to figure out where in the yard an “accident” occurred based on the soil sample provided from the evidence. We were pretty amazed at how different the soil is just around our yard! We also got several hikes in this month-in fact, I think we got in three! Sims, Sawyer and I also went on a road trip to Charleston, SC to see the College of Charleston and for a regatta. It was a quick there and back, but it was fun to get out of town (this was my first real time away from home in a year-besides a trip to the mountain with Parks for snowboarding practice).

Thank goodness, it is March!

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