Saying Goodbye

Last week was a tough one at our house. We had to say goodbye to our beloved dog, Cinnamon. Cinnamon was our first dog, and she was AMAZING! We adopted her out of a hoarding situation when Sims was 11. He wanted a dog so badly that he wrote Nick a persuasive essay-without any input or encouragement from me-about getting a dog. To some this may not seem like a big deal, but for Sims at the time writing a sentence was difficult. We knew that he was serious. Cinnamon went with us everywhere. She LOVED the barn and going on hikes. Sims was her person. She didn’t really play with other dogs until we got Bella. She loved Bella so much. Even on her last day with us, she and Bella played on the back porch. As Bella got bigger than Cinnamon and Cinnamon got old, Bella still let Cinnamon win their battles. Our house is eerily quiet these days as her claws used to tap the floor as she walked and she would play with Bella ALOT. Rest in peace our smiley pup!

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