Into the New Year! 2021

2021 is here everyone! We started 2021 celebrating with family since we didn’t celebrate Christmas together. Then everyone hit the books! January has been fairly quiet in our neck of the woods. NC continues to be on “lock down,” so not much is happening.

Sims finished up his first year of Sign Language in December and will work hard to finish a full year of Sign Language 2 this semester. He is working to stay motivated through the rest of his classes as his high school years start winding down. He is planning to make a college decision here shortly-maybe next month, I will have his final college decision. In addition to school, Sims has been sailing. He was invited to sail in Sarasota this month which he loved!

Sawyer still has all of her classes to work on this semester. She also continues to work on her art and fashion design. She has been busy designing and making several items including a skirt, a pair of shorts, and up cycling several items. I admire her ability to see a clothing item in a piece of material.

Parks is working hard on his classes. He is finally finding some ease in his writing and math. This is a nice change as he was feeling a bit defeated in the beginning of the school year with both. He continues to skateboard and has learned several new tricks this month. His dedication to mastering a skill on his board is pretty amazing.

My world has been quite a bit different this month. I find that I am not nearly as active in my kids’ learning as I was. I still must be available for them, and I make my mornings sacred so that I can help at any time. I know that people said that this time would come, but I did not believe it. Well, I am here now and it is real. I love our discussions and being available to help. Although there are moments that I feel lost as everyone is off doing their own activity.

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