November/December 2020

Seriously, the time is flying by! November came and went crazy fast. November is busy even during this oddly slow era. We celebrated two birthdays and Thanksgiving. All of our celebrations were small and wonderfully enjoyed in our “new,” home. As far as school, everyone did get back into a better rhythm once we got home and got settled.

Sims worked hard during November and is still going strong through December. He completed his first year of sign language, leaving him with completing another full course next semester! Pre-calc with Mr.D is going well as is his class with Open Tent Academy. He is finishing up his Intro to Psychology class through Landmark by the end of December. This class is asynchronous which he found a bit tough mainly due to communication issues with the professor. The bonus of this class is the liaison who assists with time management skills and class progress.

Sawyer had her last class on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens this week. She was very hesitant about this class; however, she truly enjoyed it. We had MANY conversations each week on what she was learning. She is LOVING Mr.Henderson and geometry-I never thought I would say that she is loving math, but I am. She continues with her writing class with Open Tent Academy and is being challenged by the teacher, Eva, each week. Another class that she wasn’t excited about was US History with Open Tent, and again she is truly enjoying it. She is researching historical events outside of class and looking for more historical books to read.

In addition to these classes, Sims and Sawyer are working with me on Environmental Science. I think every week, we are amazed by what we are learning. We are huge nature lovers. Our eyes have been opened by the human impacts on our environment.

We have tweaked a couple of Parks’s classes. He was not quite ready for the writing class that I had him in, and it was causing quite a bit of anxiety. Thus, I switched his class through Open Tent. Again, Eva is challenging Parks in a healthy and productive way. Writing is difficult for him, and he is working diligently on overcoming it. We also changed his math class from live to self-paced. This allowed us more time to work through some of the skills that he wasn’t as confident on. Mr.D’s staff was fantastic with this. He is doing great with the new pace and hopefully, gaining more confidence with his math skills. His science class on the ocean has been a great mix of labs, reading and work sheets. Physics and chemistry seem to come very naturally to him, and this class is a nice mix of these within the world of the ocean!

As far as the extras go, we only got in one hike! The weather here has been fantastic so we have been enjoying our area and back yard. Of course, Sims has been sailing a lot-he even got Sawyer and I out once. Parks is skateboarding all over the neighborhood and starting back up to mountain to snowboard. Sawyer has been climbing, creating, and enjoying her silks and lyra since she is back home!

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