Another Year Older- Sawyer Turns 16!

If I had to pick a word for Sawyer’s last year it would be creative. Sawyer has always had a creative side, and it really popped this year. She has learned how to design shirts, dresses, and skirts and fabricate them using a variety of techniques from sewing to crocheting. Our neighbor challenged her work on self-portraits this year, and she has been working diligently using various mediums including watercolor, pencil and acrylics. Her art has just wowed me over and over this year!

In addition to her days of being creative, this past year she got her permit to drive. She loves driving (which is funny to us because she always told us that she wasn’t going to drive and that she just wanted a chauffeur).

She learned how to use her lyra, a hoop that hangs from the ceiling and continued to get crazy strong.

Overall, Sawyer is such a neat balance. She is creative and girlie. She is athletic and nature-loving. She can keep up and many times out do her brothers as they climb, boat, skate, cook, and play. I look forward to watching her this next year as she continues to grow!

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