Handwork for Teens

Five years ago, I wrote a post on moving from handwork into hand crafts and craft works. I am shocked that post was five years ago! I thought about that post the other day and thought about how the kids still enjoy doing handwork even as teens.

So what does this look like now? Well, handwork has evolved even more since that last post. Sims now splices lines for his sailboat which is a form of weaving two pieces of rope together. He, Sawyer, and Parks have learned all types of knots for sailing and climbing.

Sims built a space net out of old rope in his room that used both weaving and knot tying together.

Sawyer continues to sew and crochet. Now she designs her own outfits and makes her own patterns.

Parks has progressed in his wood working from whittling to building finger boards (tiny skateboards) and building full size skateboards. Sims has used his wood working skills to work on his trailer and sailboat and to build a climbing wall in his room.

I enjoy watching how activities from their childhood progress through the ages. For those of you with littles who do not understand the value in learning to knit or sew, I promise that those skills will help in the future!

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