Another Year Older-Parks is 14!

Parks’s 13th year pretty much amazed me and I didn’t think that he would top it. I may have been wrong. This past year was tough for most people. For people who struggle with change and flexibility, this year has been brutal. In addition to the pandemic, we did a major home renovation which moved us out of our house. Parks did great with both of these situations! So what happened during his 14th year?


Well, Parks had his first REAL accident-as in, he and Sims crashed a golf cart into a neighbor’s backyard.

He took snowboarding to a whole new level for himself. He even accomplished one of his goals which was to snowboard in Colorado-although it did happen at a rest stop on our cross country road trip and not at a ski slope.

He taught himself some crazy new tricks his skateboard. He learned how to build skateboards also.

He officially grew taller than Sawyer and I.

He hung out with his family and friends.

He learned how to drive the boat and the car.

Overall, it was a pretty big year filled with quite a bit of excitement! Happy 14th birthday Parks!

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