August 2020/2021

We are one month down-ok, maybe only a couple weeks. September is here which means that I need to review August.

We began the school year with math for everyone and science for Sims and Sawyer. All classes begin the week of Labor Day so September should have a bit more meat to it.

The first chapter of everyone’s math was pretty much a review which is a terrific way to begin the year. Everyone is brimming with confidence. As far as science, Environmental Science with Sims and Sawyer is fun. We met three times (once a week) formally during August. The last class, we went over the importance of having accurate methods written out for experiments in addition to our discussion on the environmental topic. Sims is also working on sign language. He and his girlfriend, who is on her thir year of sign language, are having fun conversing with each other.

We also got our first hike of the school year in at Latta Plantation. We had planned on going hiking closer to the mountains. Unfortunately before we jumped in the car, Sawyer got stung by a wasp. If you recall, she is highly allergic to bees and completed five years of immunotherapy. This was her fist sting since having an anaphylactic reaction years ago. I am happy to report that she had ZERO reaction to the sting! Just a small spot that reddened and then went away.

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