2020/2021 Let Us Begin

My last year of teaching Sims-can you believe it? I, personally, cannot. I may remain in denial for the rest of the year. Let’s take a look at what we have planned.

Can you feel the excitement?

Sims will be in the 12th grade-woot woot! He is taking quite a bit in this last year. Online, Sims will take a writing class through Open Tent Academy, He took two classes with them last year, and the classes were fantastic. He will continue math with Mr.D-moving on to Pre-Calculus. For science, Sims and I will work through the Oak Meadow Environmental Science class with Sawyer. He is also finishing up his first year of sign language, and then working through his second year. Sims will also take another dual enrollment class through Landmark University. This year he is planning on taking Intro to Psychology. In addition to these classes, he will work with everyone through civics and a class focusing on supreme court cases. As far as extracurricular activities, Sims continues to rock climb weekly, race sailboats weekly and work. His work has changed a bit as the sailing center he worked for closed due to covid. Thus, he works wherever he can find work; pressure washing boats, working on boats, doing odd jobs, landscaping, and more. His goal this year, like a lot of seniors is to apply to college and try to figure out what his plan is for next year. He also would like to sail his boat in a regatta away from home.

Sawyer will be in the 10th grade next year. She is planning to take a writing class, a literature class, and a history class through Open Tent Academy. These will be her first online live classes. For math, Sawyer will do geometry with Mr.D. She will work through Environmental Science with Sims and me. In addition to these classes, Sawyer will hopefully get an art class in and work through a natural health class. We are also working on a creative writing elective as well. As far as extracurricular activities, Sawyer continues to rock climb and do arial silk and lyra. She will also continue art club one night a week. Oh! I almost forgot that Sawyer is also learning how to play the bass guitar, so I sure she will continue with that as well. Sawyer’s goals this year are to get her driver’s liscence and to travel by herself.

Parks will finish up middle school this year as he is in the 8th grade. Parks will take a writing class and an oceanography class through Open Tent Academy and pre-algebra through Mr.D math. With the rest of us, Parks will work through civics. For extracurriculuar activities, Parks plans to continue skateboarding and developing his skills. He may look into sailing on another sailing team as the team he sailed with last year has dissolved. Parks would really like to build a computer this year as a goal; I am still trying to figure this one out as to how to make it happen.

With the rest of our town kids at home, this may be an interesting year to homeschool. Focus may be an issue, but I am not sure. Only time will tell.

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