Summer Re-Cap

Happy August everyone! It has been quite a while since I have sat in front of the computer to write. I am not even sure where the summer went to be honest with you. We had several trips planned which all got canceled, so we did a lot around the house. In March, we started the planning for a house renovation. Thus, a lot of the summer went into preparing for that. We had to move out of our house so we packed everything up. Sawyer and I painted her room and hopefully, I will get to paint a few more rooms before we move back in.

Other than house planning, we did a lot of hanging around the house. We spend most nights out by the pond that we built during the spring. We have a new little frog who visits us each night-it has turned into a sort-of “where’s Waldo” scenario every night. It is fun to find him.

We have been sailing. Parks did a sailing “camp” where he learned to sail a laser. Sims, Nick and I sail in a regatta every Wednesday evening. Then Sims sails on Thursdays in his new boat. He has learned a lot this summer.

Sawyer has been doing a lot on her arial hoop and more art. She continued her art club through the summer since they meet outside. She also started learning how to play the bass guitar.

Parks has hit the skatepark quite a bit this summer and has learned some pretty cool new tricks. He has gotten really good at skateboarding. He also learned how to unicycle until he bent the tire.

Sims’s job at the sailing center did not happen due to COVID. He found odd jobs helping my dad work on houses, cleaning boats, working on boats, mowing lawns, and pressure washing for people.

It has been far from our normal summer. Luckily, the kids still got into some fun shenanigans. Now to get back into school mode!

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