2019/2020 Year End Review

I did individual reviews for everyone this year. You can see each person’s review here: Sims. Sawyer. Parks. As a group, we did quite a bit this year as well.

We started the year off a bit crazy. Driver’s ed threw off our first week. Then we started a new co-op, well-sort of. The co-op ended up taking on a life of its own. Sawyer and Parks went two days a week through March. We found out that two days a week was too much for our family. We weren’t able to get into a good rhythm for the year which made life a bit crazy.

We did get to go apple picking, do a few hikes, celebrate our winter spiral, take care of the monarchs, build a pond, go skiing/snowboarding, and enjoy the beautiful North Carolina weather. We started looking at colleges and learning about life after highschool. This is tough as I also had to keep in mind that I have one kiddo in middle school who doesn’t need to focus on that and needs to focus on still being a kid.

This was by far one of the oddest years of homeschooling that we have had. With the co-op, sicknesses, the pandemic, protests, and life with three teens, the year went by fast. We didn’t seem to take time to enjoy homeschooling or our community this year. We were in constant motion and crazy. I am hoping that this summer we can reset and find our rhythm again.


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