2019/2020 Year End Review-Sims

Eleventh grade turned out to be a pretty big year. A lot of growing up happened during this school year. Sims pretty much took all ownership of his learning this year. He met with his teachers. He picked his classes. He set up tutoring as needed. He managed his time beautifully, and I am pretty sure that he had a fun year overall-even with all of the crazy at the end.

I was a nervous wreck about Sims’s language arts classes this year. He decided to take two classes, each one semester long, online. The classes were through Open Tent Academy. The first semester he took a class that analyzed the book, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. This class required quite a bit of writing. Sims still has a long way to go on the technicalities of his writing. His thoughts and comprehension were fantastic. He loved telling us about and discussing each chapter in addition to the class disscussions he did. The second semeser, he chose a class that analyzed different Ted Talks. Again, he raved about this class. He sent each of us the Ted Talks, as he found them all very insightful.

He took Algebra II through Mr.D Math online. He loved this class too. He enjoyed that his teacher able to explain the concepts well and that there were videos to review. He loved the mastery approach that Mr.D used. It allowed him to actually grasp each concept before moving on as the information builds up as the year goes on.

Science this year was a bit of a bust. He found a complete high school physics class on Outschool. The class was live two days a week. Unfortunately, the instructor had quite a rough year with personal issues which required Sims to really learn the material on his own. It was a standard textbook class so it was doable, just not his favorite. He did get a terrific opportunity to dissect a fetal pig. He thoroughly enjoyed reviewing anatomy and physiology during this block.

During the Winter/Spring, Sims took his first dual enrollment class through Landmark College in Vermont. I HIGHLY recommend the class Perspectives in Learning if you have a kiddo who has homeschooled, will be going off to college and has a learning disability. He learned about accommadations available for him to use once in college, the ADA, his learning style and SO MUCH MORE!

After learning about college entrance requirements, Sims decided to take a sign language class. He took this through the Mr.D math site as well. He had to watch the lesson and video himself. He liked it for the most part, but he would love to have another person to converse with. He has one friend who can sign, but he would like more to increase his fluency.

In addition to actual classes, Sims worked throughout the year on ACT prep with a tutor. He was scheduled to take the ACT in April and again in June, but both were cancelled. We are hoping that he can take it in July.

Last, but far from least, Sims worked on a sailing credit this year. He worked with several mentors learning the ins and outs of sailing. He learned more about dinghies and keel boats. He rebuilt several diesel engines and small marine engines. He learned how to plot a course down the coast and how to navigate a large keel boat. He found a small keel boat, negotiated a deal, drove to pick it up, fixed it up and started racing. He has learned a ton about sailing this year. He has definitely developed many relationships throughout the year.

The only activity that did not happen this year was his Wilderness First Responder class. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to the pandemic.

It was a full year. He also continued to rock climb throughout the year. Although, I think sailing overtook climbing slightly this year.

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