March 2020

March was quite an interesting month for us as I am sure it was for most everyone around the globe.  We started off the month fairly typical.  The weather was AMAZING in NC.  We took quite a few walks and even got a hike in with some friends.

Midmonth, we took our spring break.  We headed out to Utah to get some skiing in.  Bad timing, right?  We got one day of skiing in and it was FANTASTIC!  The weather was perfect.  No powder, but a great day.  Then…..we all know what went down.  The ski slopes closed and the country started going on lockdown, so we rented a car and started driving.  We joked that Nick has always wanted to drive across the US, so now he had his trip!  Nick and I were a bit nervous to jump in and drive without any plans.  No hiccups.  The trip was easy and fun.

We came back home and jumped back into school.  Our days were pretty typical.  We woke up, cleaned and started school.  Without after school activities, we did get a few projects done around the house.  The kids painted the garage-which we had to clean out first!


Other than that, the kids fished, biked, played on the water, read and played with the dogs.  I started planning for next year (I never do that this early, but I had time).  So far we stayed healthy and were lucky that the quarantine did not affect us too much.  I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

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