Another Year Older-Teen!

Today is the day that I become the mom of all teenagers!  I am struggling with that thought and at the same time, I am so proud to be the mom to my three kids.  Parks turns 13 today.  I am struggling to put into words how much he has changed this year.  My child who struggled with being flexible, with focus, with making friends his own age and with being comfortable with who he is-has grown into himself-a confident, hard-working, outgoing, amazing human.  The past year was a year of hard work, and he killed it.  Over the last year, he stepped out of his comfort zone so many times including joining the snowboard team, jumping in at new skateparks and meeting people, meeting new people in the co-op, speaking up for things that he believes in and for those who aren’t able to speak up for themselves, and pushing himself to succeed at tasks that are tough for him.  Happy 13th birthday Parks!

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