Weekly Wrap Up

I thought that I might get back to doing the weekly wrap up after February.  HA!  I guess that didn’t happen.  We did finish up our block on Westward Expansion in the US and our book.  Sims also started a class through BraveWriter.  I struggled signing up for the class, because-well in my mind anyway, it is kind pricey.  After two weeks in the class, it was worth every penny!  Awesome, awesome class.

This week, we started on a grammar block.  You will notice the excitement on everyone’s faces while they sit at the table working on grammar.

We also met up for a much needed hike with some friends.  It was more of our old school type of hikes.  We bush wacked through the woods to find an abandoned house that the kids used to like to find when they were younger.  Then we bush wacked our way a little further and found the creek.  Finally, we made it back some how.  I was pretty impressed that the kids still remembered their way through these woods since it has been quite a while since we have hiked there.

Beyond the hike, we had another exciting outing this week.  We got to take a coding class at the local Microsoft Office.  The kids enjoyed seeing a “real” office and where people work.  They also learned about artificial intelligence and hacking.  Then they used their coding knowledge gained from last week to hack a program.  (This month in 4H is coding.)

Sims has also gotten to hit some more rocks outside the past two weeks as many kids are having spring break.  We are also still loving the sunsets!


5 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up

  1. You’ve seen some beautiful sunsets! Wow!

    How did they like coding? I’ve encouraged coding for my kids (tried it in a couple different ways), but it has never really taken off for at least the oldest three. Kept hoping it would. Need a computer person in the family!

    Glad to hear BraveWriter has been good. What age did you use it for? I’m going to need a writing program for one of mine. But her problem is more getting anything at all down on paper! And then if she gets something down, she’s a woman of few words and can’t embellish it. 🙂 ——-Terri


    • I was pretty surprised that they all really liked it. My youngest really enjoyed it, but he plays Minecraft and already has some experience with it. My other two were just amazed at how much can be done with coding.

      I am using it with my oldest this year. He works with a dyslexic, dysgraphic, ADHD brain like me. He has lots of amazing and vivid thoughts but struggles to get them on the paper, which is why I chose BraveWriter. The teacher is able to pull it out of him. She seems to know how much to push and encourages in such an amazing way. I am going to actually have my daughter take a few classes too even though she is a great writer. Their program has the kids relate to their writing in a way that I haven’t seen in any other program.


      • On BraveWriter: THAT is great to know. Thank you. (And I’ll just e-mail too, if we go this route! Why pull my teeth out? 🙂 )

        On coding: I have one who likes to play, but I could only minimally get her interested in coding. We used something called BitBox for a while.


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