Weekly Wrap Up

As usual, it has been nuts around here.  School is winding down for the holiday break, which means that we are out of our rhythm.  No rhythm means increased stress for some in our crew.  In addition to the holidays, we also had snow!

Overall, we finished up “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and started a new book called, “Roses and Radicals.” (Personally, I am thinking this book is a must read for those of you with high schoolers doing US History this year.  It is pretty awesome.). Sims finished up his first semester of Geometry and is working through the break on note taking and more study skills as he moves into more advanced classes.  Sawyer is still working on Physical Science and writing through the break.  Parks is working on writing as well.

Sims also had the opportunity to go climbing this week at Rumbling Bald and Stone Mountain with some friends.


We also celebrated our winter spiral with several families and are now getting ready for the holidays!


It was beautiful!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up

  1. I noticed one was working on writing into break. Writing has been hard for one of mine. Have you had any “walls” in this area? It will generate a few posts for me in the future. Agh! But it has been our biggest challenge yet in homeschool.

    Merry Christmas—Terri

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    • Oh, writing. I have two kiddos with dysgraphia so we do a good but of work in this area. I am using Write Shop as the base for our writing. It is working really well and I really wish that I would have started with it earlier. Other than that, all three of my kids work with a tutor as well with writing. Yes, a blog on that in the future may be a good idea.


      • I’ll check out Write Shop. And I did find a tutor finally. The one that has the troubles is one who read late, flipped letters/numbers around way too late, and literally detested the physical act of writing. So a thread of similarity there (hers seems to have dissipated, the dysgraphia component) between my student and yours.

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