Weekly Wrap Up-With a Birthday

We had a big week this week!  A very big week.  We started off a little quiet as Nick and Sims were out of town.  Sims met up with a friend in Austin, Texas to climb for a couple of days.  Sawyer, Parks and I hung out at home.  After a late return home Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, Sims joined us for a co op field trip to the Urban Planning department in Charlotte, NC.  It was phenomenal!  Who knew that a field trip to an urban planning department would be fantastic?  They did an excellent job explaining how Charlotte developed from 1875 until now and provided the kids with an opportunity  to help with the 2040 vision planning for the city.  Wednesday, Sawyer completed her Boater’s Course and passed the test!  We have another certified boat operator! (Watch out Sims, she may actually want to take the boat out!) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning, Sims busted a move on his work so that he could head back out to climb some more.  This time in Kentucky.  Hopefully, I will have a few pictures next week.  We ended the week celebrating Parks’s birthday at the local go kart course.  He had a blast with his friends and Sawyer!

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