Weekly Wrap Up-From Chaos to Clarity

You know those weeks that you dread?  You look at the calendar on Sunday and just want to run away?  Well, that is how our week looked on Sunday evening-but only because we were trying to sneak away for the end of the week.  In the end, it was almost a chill week.  LOL.  Monday, we hit the books because there was a possibility that we would be gone on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Tuesday, we were at classes all day, headed straight to Charlotte for a hematology appointment for the kids, home for ten minutes and then north to climbing practice.  We were all exhausted after Tuesday.  Wednesday our co-op headed out on a field trip and I bailed!  I do not usually do that, but we were all wiped out.  Thursday, Sims and I were supposed to be in Charlotte for testing, but it was canceled.  So we worked on school work, ran some errands, got the house ready to head out, and did our afternoon activities.  Thursday evening, Sims, Nick and I headed to Blowing Rock, NC.  The other two decided to stay home with the grandparents for the weekend.  Blowing Rock was beautiful!  The NC mountain weather is perfect this time of year.  Our crazy week ended up to be fun and relaxing.

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