Weekly Wrap Up-Last Week of School!

Testing is completed!  All papers are complete! Summer is officially here!

Monday, everyone finished up their testing and started on the summer play list.

Tuesday, I enjoyed my garden.  My hydrangeas are two different colors this year which I find interesting because they are right next to each other.

Wednesday turned out to be a really fun day.  Sawyer had climbing club and Sims joined her.  It was member night at the climbing gym so Sims stayed at the gym.  Nick needed to pick up the boat which meant that he needed a driver and Sims was at the gym so…..Sawyer go to drive the boat by herself!  She did a great job (she did have a friend in the boat with her who has her boaters license).

Thursday was a pretty typical day.  We worked on portfolios for the year.  I decided to have the kids write up their own portfolios this year.  It was fun.  I always feel like we haven’t accomplished enough for the year until I stop and look at what we did accomplish.  We got through a lot of information and had a lot of fun along the way.  I should be able to write my year end wrap up next week.  🙂


Parks working on his portfolio.

Friday, we had some fun at the lake to wrap up the school year.  We got some ice cream.  We tubed.  We stayed up way too late.  It was a fun night.

Saturday, we headed over to the new barn that we will start riding at in the fall.  It has a lot of work to be done.  Bella and Cinnamon worked hard too…playing all day with the other dogs.  Bella was wiped out.  While Sims and I were at the barn, Sawyer went to a class on safely using the water craft on the lake and Parks went sailing.  Then we all headed to the lake for some more tubing.  Parks and his buddy don’t get to see each other over the summer so it was a fun way to wrap up their school year together.

Sunday, we headed out for some more fun and got Parks up on the wakeboard and the surfboard!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up-Last Week of School!

  1. Your hydrangeas are lovely! Great idea, having your kids put their portfolios together. I hope you and your family have an awesome summer. The barn and water activities sound fun.

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  2. Great pics. Looks fun and busy! One of mine is actually driving due to lower driving age in our state. Crazy. That is strange about the hydrangeas since its affected by the acidity of the soil! Right next to each other the acidity must be different! Who would have thought? Will be fun for you to see how the kids do making their own portfolios! Warmest wishes to you and your family.


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