Weekly Wrap-Up

End of year testing started this week.  The kids opted to do an online CAT test this year, so that is what they are working on.

This year, like most years, I sprouted my seeds and planted my seedlings in pots earlier in the spring.  However with the new puppy, I decided not to do a garden (she likes to dig and my planters make a fun spot).  Thus, I let my sprouts go.  Well for Mother’s Day, Nick and the kids made me new planter boxes for my garden.  My garden is back on.  Tuesday, Sawyer and I headed to a local farm to pick up some starter plants for my garden, and we got them planted.  Then my niece added a bean plant that she sprouted and grew at school.

Summer fever is here.  Wednesday Sawyer had climbing in the afternoon and then we all headed to the lake for an evening swim.

Thursday we finally got back to barn for an exciting day.  The kids found a mulberry tree to munch on.  Bella and Cinnamon played in the field and with their fur friends.  Sawyer didn’t get to ride due to the vet showing up early to float Sky’s teeth.  We also watched as the vet worked on another horse at the barn that had colic.  We all learned a lot during this visit-from horse anatomy and physiology to vet care.

Friday, Sawyer and I headed back to the barn so that she could get a ride in.  Then Friday afternoon, Sims and I headed to the DMV to get his permit.  Unfortunately, he did not get called before the close of the day but our friend got called at 4:29-one minute before closing.  Thus, we hung out and waited for her to get her permit.  So much fun to watch our friends!  The night was beautiful so we headed back out to the lake for the evening.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. Which online CAT did you do? We did an on-line one too. I was pleased for the older kids (8th and 6th grades) but I wasn’t pleased for my third-grader. The physical formatting when it went from a paper test to a computer test for her was “wonky” for all the verbal passages. You all take good care.—-Terri F


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