Weekly Wrap Up

Another odd week here.

Sunday morning Parks and I drove up to Asheville so that he could ride at Kolo Bike Park. He enjoys the dirt jumps. We headed back before dinner.


Parks at Kolo


Parks at Kolo

Monday through Wednesday were fairly typical minus a mini mental breakdown- mine of course. I think I’m ready for summer.

Sims started the driving portion of his drivers education on Thursday! Since he was out hitting the streets, he missed horseback riding and Bella’s first play date. She played with Steve, a five month old chihuahua. They had a blast!!

Friday the kids had a party with some friends. Parks found his first ever four leaf clover at the party. Sawyer is a master four leaf clover finder. I have never found one. Crazy. Then Friday afternoon, sims and I headed to Nashville for a climbing competition.

He competed Saturday. Then we drove home. Sawyer sang at a festival in town with her band. I missed it, but her dad, Parks and her grandparents made it. I hear she did well.

Sunday we just hung out at the lake. Bella learned to swim. Cinnamon just watched. I ended the night with a magnificent sunset.

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