November Celebrations

November was a busy month for us.  We started the month off celebrating Parks’ eleventh birthday by going to an Imagine Dragons concert.  Sawyer and Parks had a blast at the concert.  I think that they both could imagine themselves up on that big stage.  Sims was along for the ride, but he didn’t love the concert-in fact, he somehow fell asleep!

We then headed up to Chapel Hill, NC for Parks to ride at the skate park on his actual birthday and to celebrate with his cousins.

The following weekend, Sawyer and I headed to the mountains of NC to celebrate her 13th birthday.  She asked to take a glass blowing class for her birthday, so she and a friend spent the weekend learning all about glass and how to work with it.

Next came Thanksgiving.  We hosted 23 people this year for the holiday.  The weather was amazing here in NC.  The kids did a ton to prep for the holiday including cleaning up the yard, baking, flower arranging and decorating.  The results of their hard work definitely paid off!

We ended the month celebrating Sawyer’s actual birthday with cake and rock climbing.  At age 13, a child can get their belay certification at the climbing gym.  Sawyer went on her birthday and passed her test!

I have a lot of fun memories from this month!

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