2017/2018 Block 3

November was a full month for us without school!  Luckily, we were able to get some school in too.

Grade 5- Geometry

Parks’ third block focused on geometry.  This is the third time that I have done this block and it was by far the best time.  A good compass made all the difference!  I highly recommend investing in a good compass.  We will have our new compass for a long time as it is sturdy.

Grade 7- Wish, Wonder, Surprise

Sawyer’s third block focused on the elements of wish, wonder and surprise.  We used several books to go along with the block.  We discussed the book, “The Alchemist,” and how it contained  all three elements.  We read Gluskabe and the Four Wishes by Brushac, the Fisherman and his Wife-the folk tale, and Wonder to Me by Jill Thieme.  Sawyer is also working with a teacher on a creative writing curriculum.  This month, Sawyer wrote a story about a woman who went on the Titanic and survived.  It had all of the elements of wish, wonder and surprise as well.  Sawyer also did some of the geometry with Parks.

Grade 9-World History

Block three for Sims focused on the Medieval Era.  He has been through the early World History a good bit in his past few years, so this was a good time to bring the big picture together.  We looked at how the geography of the world affected history a good bit as well.


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