2017/2018: Block 2

Last week we wrapped up our second block.  I think that we are finally starting to get into a groove-yep, it took us two months.  It happens.  I still do not love the rhythm that we have, but the kids enjoy it and it works for them.  Last month I posted that I was not going to do blocks this year-well, things changed.  We are going to continue with blocks.  They just seem to work and they break things up.  Blocks also make the amount of information that I am responsible for more manageable.  I was not able to keep up with the three grades and all of the classes.  I feel that the block system allows us to dive deep and actually have some good discussions.

Grade 5-Ancient Egypt

Parks’ second block revolved around Ancient Egypt.  He read the book,” A Place in the Sun,” by Jill Rubalcaba and “Who was King Tut.”  He also read several of the Egyptian myths throughout the month.  He made a pyramid from clay and watched the pyramid movie by David MacCaulay.  Overall, he really enjoyed Ancient Egypt.  I think that he enjoyed learning about the pyramids the most.

Grade 7-Alchemy

Sawyer’s second block was one of my favorites with Sims, but since she had seen it all before-Sawyer was not all that impressed.  She began the block by reading the book, “Alchemy and Chemistry,” by Stefoff.  She learned about how the main elements were thought to be air, water, fire and earth.  We then looked at chemical processes that use the four elements such as photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  We ended the block playing with fire and learning why some things burn and some do not.  Of course she knew that a rock would not burn, but she did not know that it was due to its lack of carbon atoms.  She also read the book, “The Alchemist,” in preparation for our next block and to go along with this block.

Grade 9-Biology and Cells

So how are we going to do blocks for high school?  Well, Sims and I decided that he would continue with weekly/daily math, writing, forestry, geography and PE.  Then we will do history and biology in blocks.  This month, we continued with biology and the cell.  He learned about the cell membrane, the mitochondria, the nucleus, how ATP is made and used.  He did a lot of hands on work in the beginning of the month at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.  In addition to biology, he finished up studying North America and has started into South America in Geography.  In Forestry, he helped with a Project Learning Tree event for local sixth graders and went on a couple more forest assessments where he has a list of things to document for each plot of land including invasive species, tree types, number of trees over a certain size, undergrowth identification and more.

3 thoughts on “2017/2018: Block 2

  1. Great post. Loved seeing it all. Do you, by chance, have one who seems to like screen time more? If so, how do you handle it? My oldest two haven’t liked technology and games so much. Of course, some! But my third can’t seem to get enough. I’m trying to set up a Makerspace technology learning session so she can learn to code and all that. But I still don’t understand it (the desire, how to do it, etc. 🙂 ).


    • Oh yes, yes I do and it is the third one! 😊. We had to set up a separate wifi for the kids. I turn it off except when it is “ok” for him to be on it. I am with you on trying to make it a part of the learning day, but I’m just not sold on it yet. I just don’t see the benefit of technology in this way at such a young age. I guess what I saying is that I have no idea. Lol. We are still trying to figure it out.


      • LOL! I love that answer. Trying to figure it out. Yes. Yes. Me too. I never thought about separate wifi for kids but I did consider just unplugging it when I’m tired of it. We went to a Makerspace Scratch coding class today, so my third is now playing around with that. I hate to shut doors, but I just don’t understand that stuff. I’m such a real, practical, real-life, people person. If I need computers (which I do for my blog), I figure out what I need on the spot. Anyhow, may you all be well and have a Happy Thanksgiving, which I realized today is less than two weeks away!

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