Finding Passion-Sewing Update

In February of 2016, I wrote about Sawyer’s passion for sewing.  In my mind then, I thought that she had a true talent with sewing-one that I never had.  Well over the past year and a half, she has amazed me even more.  She doesn’t sew all the time, and she is not obsessed with sewing.  However when she does begin working on a project, she works until it is complete.  I am impressed with her perseverance and passion.

Since my last post on her sewing, Sawyer has made huge strides in her abilities.  After a couple of camps and a lot of trial and error, she can sew-for real.  (Sewing is a skill that I imagine that I have, but I have NEVER been able to make anything that I would admit to.  Thus, I love that my daughter can do it.)  Sawyer can see a design in her head, play with the material, and make it.  Now, she is still on simple designs-I am not saying that she is a fashion genius by any means, but she has a gift that she surely did not get from me or her dad.  She can also fix her machine 90% of the time (if you do sew, you know this is a gift in and of itself.  The machine can have a mind of its own, and I have no idea on how it works.  Thankfully, Nick does, and he has taught her a lot).


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