Wacky Wednesday Update

Wacky Wednesdays sort of came to a halt in March.  The flu and pneumonia took the first two Wednesdays of March.  The third Wednesday of March wasn’t so wacky as we headed to the climbing gym.  The fourth Wednesday of the month, Sims went on a tour of the local high school to see what it is about.  The last Wednesday, we headed out on the boat to enjoy the lake.


Getting out on the lake

April only had one Wacky Wednesday and it was only with Parks.  He and I headed to Raleigh, NC to check out a freestyle BMX complex-the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex.  Parks was in heaven.  He spent the day jumping ramps, playing in the bowl, and playing on the pump track.

May is going pretty well.  The first Wednesday, we hit the lake.  Sims is enjoying driving everyone around now that he has his boating licence.  The next Wednesday was a prep day for the weekend as we all had big plans.  Last week, we went to Landford Canal State Park.  You can read about this trip in my next post!

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