Block 6 2016/2017


The plan for block 6 included early US history, ancient Rome, and man/animal.  With everyone getting sick, my plans did not work out.  We made the best of the situation and did a lot of read aloud.  For early US history, Sims read “The Counterfeit Constitution Mystery,” by Carole Marsh.  For ancient Rome, we read from various sources on the roads, the architecture, the aqueducts and the political system.  The man/animal block simply did not happen.  Instead, we worked on reading fluency with books that Parks chose.

At first I was nervous about not completing my “plan,” but I quickly got over that.  They continued to work even through sickness.  In fact, school gave them something to do on those long days of being sick.

Overall, we had some fun highlights in February.  We hiked several times.  We celebrated multiple birthdays.  The kids built a new ramp which has provided hours of fun.  And most of all, we rested.

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