And Then They got the Flu

We had a really terrific week.  Everyone was finally feeling well.  On Monday, the younger two went to an ecology class at Latta Plantation, and Sims and I went on a hike.  Sims and I found signs of spring-small blossoms in the woods, a few butterflies and migrating birds.

On Tuesday, Parks and I headed into the city to check out a freestyle BMX course.  He had a blast.

Wednesday, we hung out and enjoyed the beautiful day.  Parks went to a shelter building class, and Sawyer added some color to her hair.

Thursday morning, we went horse back riding through the fields.

Then-BAM!  Thursday afternoon, the flu hit.  All three kids are down.  I hate it for them.  We have not truly gotten sick in years.  However, we have been battling viruses and infections on and off since November.  What happened in November?  Personally, I think sugar.  We had several birthdays in November and the holidays began.  We ate horribly.  Then we started some home projects that kept me from cooking the way I usually do (I got completely overwhelmed and stressed-aka: Mommy meltdown).  We are back on track with the food now, so hopefully we will be getting out of this rut of sickness.

I hope you are all staying well!

3 thoughts on “And Then They got the Flu

    • She has a small area of her hair that is bleached and then we just added some color. We had it done at a hair place. She has been asking to do it for a while. It’s cute.
      The flu…ugh. We have only had one other case of the flu and it was 10 years ago and it was only one person. 10 days of fevers! My oldest ended up with pneumonia and lost 10 pounds! I think we are finally through it. Probiotics and no sugar are the plan for a little bit! (Ok-maybe not, no sugar but definitely no crazy sugar). I hope you house avoids it! 🙂


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