A Week in January

What a roller coaster of a week!  We are finally beginning to look a little bit more like our “normal” selves today, but the rest of the week was a whirlwind.  We are in the process of redoing our floors, which I found out means “pretend like you are moving out of your house but you don’t.”  We have stuff EVERYWHERE and of course, I enjoy complicating everything.  Thus, we cannot put it away until we go through it ALL!  So we spent the week in chaos.

When your children and yourself work best with routine/rhythm and organized chaos, then insanity occurs when you replace your floors.  LOL.  So Monday and Tuesday were spent ripping out the old floors, painting the subfloor, and moving stuff around.  Wednesday the men came to put in the new flooring.  We were off of our game.  Our rhythm was out of whack.  I thought that I was going to lose it.  Then I noticed our little cockatiel, Honey, was lying down (if you know anything about birds, then you know that they do not lay down).

Everything stopped.  We all gathered around each other on the couch snuggling our little bird on our chests, taking turns as she took her final breaths.  That moment brought us back.  We had small backyard funeral for her and then walked up the road for some lunch and a slow afternoon.

So far 2017 has brought us two sinus infections, a trip to the emergency room and two pets passing on.  I do not want you to think that I am negative about this as I am not.  These events have also taught us all some important life lessons and brought my children together.  My kids argue…..ALOT.  However when the times get tough-aka, someone is sick or one of their pets die or someone is hurting, they come together.


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