A Day in the Life 2017- Friday

I am posting our activities each day for the week in preparation for the Day in the Life series on Simple Homeschool.  I always enjoy reading through these posts. Yesterday’s post is here.

I am actually writing this on Tuesday the following week, so I am not positive how accurate it will be.

715 I woke up and got ready for the day.

745 Everyone was up and moving in the kitchen.

830 15 minute clean up.

900 The kids take classes on Fridays one town over.  This morning, Sims realized that all of his books for his class were still at the lake house (I guess this means that he did not finish his work for this week).  Typically, we head out around 930, but this morning we have to leave earlier to go by the lake house first.

1000  We arrived at the classes.  Sims headed into his physical science class.  Sawyer, Parks and I go to an empty class room to work on a science program with one of their friends.  The kids are building a glider but they realized that they did not have all of the instructions, so they spent the hour learning how to call the maker of the program.  During this time, they also built different types of gliders with cups, plates and paper and tested them.

1115 I took my three kids out to lunch at a local pizzeria so that we could watch the inauguration.

1230  We headed back to class.  Sims went into Literary Analysis.  Sawyer and Parks played Forbidden Island with some other kids that were there.


145 Sims and Parks headed back home with my friend while Sawyer went to her class.  At home, the boys ate snack.  Sims headed out to fish.

330 I got home with Sawyer and I, honestly, do not remember what we did!  I know that I cooked dinner but that is all I remember.

700 I headed over to the lake house for a ladies night.  Sims was still there fishing until about 10.  The other two kids hung out at home with their dad.

I do miss our Friday hikes.  I like that Sims is getting some exposure to a different type of class and a different type of teaching, but the opportunity cost is big in my mind.  I hope everyone had a terrific week and that you check out the Simple Homeschool blog!  I find lots of neat tidbits of information from reading them.  This week, I read about a mom who does a Monday meeting with all of her kids to review the work from the week before.  I may try this in February with our next block.  The blogs are not to compare ourselves but to learn from each other.  I love how different everyone’s days look!


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