A Day in the Life 2017-Thursday

I am posting our activities each day for the week in preparation for the Day in the Life series on Simple Homeschool.  I always enjoy reading through these posts. Yesterday’s post is here.

Today we had a slight change in our day.  Usually the kids ride horses on Thursdays but it was canceled.  Here goes.

640 I woke up, started working on my plan for the class that I taught, showered and blogged.

745 Everyone was up.  We all ate breakfast and I worked on the crust for dinner tonight (broccoli quiche).

840 15 minute clean upimg_1136

900 Group work.  Group work on Thursdays is usually just a check in and a time for everyone to discuss their main lesson work.  Today, Parks showed everyone a map of Cornelius in 1911.

930 Everyone began their independent work.p1130277

1045 We headed out to a local park for the kids to hit a mountain bike trail (this is the time that we usually would be at the barn).  I sat and worked on my class plan, journaled and worked on planning for next week’s school.  We ran into a lady who we seem to run into a lot around town and chatted with her for a bit.

1245 We came home and everyone ate lunch.

130 I headed out to teach my class (I teach a class where I break down yoga poses so that they are doing them properly and I teach about protecting your back).  While I was gone, the kids worked on school work and the boys built a bike course in the back yard.

320 I came home only to pick up Sawyer and head to the doctor.  She and Parks are fighting sinus infections that we cannot seem to beat with neti pots, mucinex and altered diet.  I hate to do it, but we are resorting to antibiotics.  Ugh.

445 We got home at 445 and I began cooking dinner.

545  The kids began watching Ben Hur and I headed out to the Ada Jenkins Center where I volunteer at the Free Medical Clinic.  While I was out, the kids ate dinner, watched a little more of the movie, and went with my husband to get a haircut.

940 I finished up at the medical clinic and headed to the market to get gauze for Sims (he got stitches last Thursday and ran out of gauze).

1005 I got home.  Sims was still up waiting on me.  We got his cut covered and I headed to bed.


6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life 2017-Thursday

  1. Wow! You had a late night at clinic! Always good to see you in person and work with you!   Where are you teaching the yoga? I saw you’re doing the woman’s group at Community Yoga soon.  Lori

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