A Day in the Life 2017- Wacky Wednesday

I am posting our activities each day for the week in preparation for the Day in the Life series on Simple Homeschool.  I always enjoy reading through these posts.  Yesterdays post is here.

Hump Day!  Thank goodness for Wednesdays.  Today was nice and slow-the way homeschooling should be, if I believed in should be’s.

715 I woke up and showered ate breakfast and read the new Reader’s Digest that came in.

745 Parks woke up and ate breakfast

800 Everyone is moving.  Everyone came in and ate breakfast and rummaged around.

900 I called a quick meeting to discuss the weekend and do some planning.

930 15 minute clean up.

945 We met in the sunroom to do our group work.  While I was reading, Parks worked on art projects-aka, paper airplanes that flew over my head while I was reading.  Little did I know that he was passing notes.  I guess when you don’t sit at desks or have cell phones to text with, you still will find a way to communicate with your fellow students.

1040 Everyone made a snack/early lunch? Parks and I worked on the computer looking at old maps of our area.

1115 I took the dog for a quick walk while the older two worked on math.

1135 (very short walk) I met with Sims about planning his project on US History and helped Sawyer with her math.

1230 We headed out with some friends to see the movie “Hidden Figures.”  AMAZING movie!!  It had everything-good actors, education, music, math, and a feel good story.


330 We got home.  The kids headed out on their bikes with their friends while I worked on laundry and putting away items from being out of sorts the past couple of weeks.  I could use another whole day to catch up.

500 Sims and I headed to the market to pick up items for his dinner.  When we got home, he went to work cooking.

545 We ate dinner and played the game, “Ticket to Ride.”


800 Nick and I watched a movie and the kids got ready for bed.

900 The house was quiet except for our movie and our laughing.

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life 2017- Wacky Wednesday

  1. I got my Readers Digest yesterday too!!! Sawyer looks EXACTLY like your mini me in the picture where she is holding the game! Looking forward to seeing you at clinic tonight.  Lori 

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