A Day in the Life 2017- Tuesday

I am posting my daily schedule and activities for the week.  I enjoy doing this each year to review where we are and how we are doing.  Yesterday’s post is here.  Today was another busy day.

715 Woke up and chatted with Nick.  I woke up late.  I was sleeping so soundly that I did not hear Nick get up and leave to go work out.

745 Everyone started getting up and heading to the kitchen for breakfast and to empty the dishwasher/feed the pets.  I worked on my journal for a bit and got the supplies ready for the lesson today.

840 15 minute cleanup (If you are curious what this is, it goes like this.  Each person is responsible for one room for the week.  The room must be tidy, dusted and vacuumed.  After that is done, everyone is responsible for their bathroom as well.  This method has changed our lives as far as cleaning goes.  I highly recommend it. I read about the concept on another homeschooling family blog.)

900 Group work.  We discussed World War II, more business math and worked on a map of present day Cornelius.

1000 Everyone began their independent work and I went among each of them doing individual lessons and helping where needed.


I am hoping this person is coming back.

1130 Sawyer took the dog for a walk.  Parks was tinkering with a project, and Sims was still working on math.

1200 Lunch and laundry and shower.


Laundry..so much laundry!

100 We headed out to drop off the boys off at the lake house so that they could ride their bikes home (they left them there).  Lucky for me, my dad pulled in the street right as we were leaving.  The boys jumped out of my car and into his.  Sawyer and I headed north for gymnastics.  While Sawyer was in gym, I headed out to run a couple of errands.  I am trying to finish up the rooms that we are redecorating, but I am not having much luck. On our way home, we picked up the groceries (yep, I order my groceries online and pick them up.  I find that I save a lot of money and don’t waste as much food this way. I felt odd about doing it initially, but now I am comfortable in that decision).

330 Once we got home, we decided that we would hit a local mountain bike trail.  I wouldn’t normally try to stuff this in, but the kids got bikes for Christmas.  We have been so crazy that we haven’t gone mountain biking with them yet.  It is supposed to rain for the rest of the week, so today seemed like a good day to go.

530 The boys cleaned off the bikes and got them off of the car.  Sawyer and I worked on a quick dinner.

615 We headed back out.  Sims went to scouts.  Parks and I headed to BMX.  Sawyer relaxed at home.


800  Parks and I got home.  He and Sawyer got ready for bed and then drew for a bit.

900  Nick met Sims at scouts and brought him home.  Everyone headed off to bed soon after this.

Today was another full day.  We should all sleep well!



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