Welcome 2017

Today I plan to start my, “Day in the Life,” series for this year.  However, I thought I should catch everyone up before I start.  2017 started off well.  We packed up our homeschool and cleared out our kitchen and sunroom in preparation to get wood flooring installed.  Lucky for us, my parents have a house on the lake only a couple of miles from here that we were able to stay at.

We kept our normal rhythm at the lake house, but school was tough to get through.  Life was tough to get through.  On Friday of the first week, it snowed.  In the southern US, snow means that life stops.  The kids played in the snow for two days hard.  By Monday, everyone just wanted to be back home and in sunny weather (yep, we are spoiled.  Two days of snow, and we are done.)  The kids needed to be back to their normal world, but everything was canceled.

Tuesday came and things were going well until that evening.  I got a call from my neighbor at home.  Our kitten was hit by a car.  I ran over and did what needed to be done (I don’t mean to sound blunt, but I cannot think much about it right now.  It was one of the toughest situations that I have dealt with in a  LONG time and I will write about her more later.)  I decided to wait until Wednesday to tell the kids.  Thus, Wednesday was a tough day for the family.  I decided that Wednesday was the day that we were moving back home.  We needed to be back with our fur family and back in our world.

Thursday, everything seemed like it was going well.  We did school, ate lunch, and I went to teach my class at our local yoga studio.  After class, I saw two texts and a call on my phone from Sims.  He decided to sharpen his ax while I was at class and he cut his foot.  The rest of the day flew by as we went from urgent care to the ER, home and back to the ER.  We got home at 7am Friday morning.  Obviously, Friday was a blur.

Saturday, the kids headed (well, two of the three-Parks threw up on the way) down to the Discovery Place to see the Genghis Khan Exhibit.  Meanwhile, Nick and I painted the kitchen (well, fixed and painted.  In my sleepy stupor, I spackled the holes in the walls with concrete crack filler-OOPS!)  Sunday, we finished up the sunroom so that we could do school in there today.

My point to this post, you wonder.  We have had a CRAZY past two weeks.  This is our first “normal” week in 2017. Hopefully, the week will be dull and uninteresting (which I am sorry about for those who read the blog, but excited about personally.)


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