Wacky Wednesday-Charlotte Museum of History

We started our new block off on Monday.  Then on Tuesday, we had to temporarily move out of our house to get floors put in which, as excited as I am to get new floors, caused a bit of stress to the family.  Luckily for us, Wacky Wednesday was only one day away!

We headed to the Charlotte Museum of History where we looked at the history of Mecklenburg County and the historical Alexander House (circa late 1700s).  The museum itself, unfortuIMG_1037.jpegnately, does not have a lot to offer anymore.  Evidently, it closed down and reopened about four years ago.  It has SOOO much potential!

The items that we loved inside the museum included a full-size replica of a traditional Catawba bark house, which the Catawba tribe used before learning about the log cabin, and a nice diorama of Charlotte in the 1700s.  The diorama included many of the buildings that we have read about in the North Carolina Parade book that we are using for NC history.  Parks loved getting a visual of the buildings and the placement of events.

The best part of the day by far was visiting the historic house.  We have visited several historic houses in our area but this one is the oldest.  The family were farmers, black smiths, and government officials (of course, there were only about 100 settlers in the town).  The family learned from and traded with the local Catawba tribe based on artifacts found.  Things I did not know that I learned: early settlers made their clothes from flax and wool.  I knew about the wool but not the flax.  They would use the blue paper that the sugar came in to dye other fabrics blue.  Canvas sail cloth was used as rugs.  This house was a MANSION of the day and it housed a family of 12, a teacher, and anywhere from 6-13  slaves at a time.  Everyone lived in the house.  That is a minimum of 19 people!  The oldest boys would go to the town to barter and trade their furs for other goods.

Can anyone tell what our three blocks are this month?  This field trip did a nice job of including all three blocks!  That is a rare find.

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One thought on “Wacky Wednesday-Charlotte Museum of History

  1. This looks like it was quite the museum trip. I was surprised that you were able to note a couple things I didn’t know on the early settlers, and I’m pretty well read on the subject. It sounds like a really cool place to visit!

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