2016/2017 Block Three

Our third block filled November.  Parks worked through a man/animal block.  Sawyer worked through an introduction to Ancient Rome.  Sims worked through an appropriately timed Civics block.

Grade Four: Man/Animal

Parks’ third block started off by looking at the three parts of the body-the head, the body and the limbs.  He went over all of the activities that he can use his hands for and how he is different than other animals.  Over the next three weeks, he learned about three different animals that are all native to NC: the shark, the box turtle, and the opossum.

Grade Six: Ancient Rome Introduction

After some discussion, we decided to start studying Ancient Rome through a story.  We read through the book, “Our Roman Cousin from Long Ago,” and researched many of the ideas discussed throughout the story.  We have read this book once before, and everyone was excited to read it again.

Grade 8: Civics

Sims’ third block on Civics was purposely timed in November to go along with the elections.  We used the Oak Meadow Civics book, lots of websites and a lot of discussion throughout the block.  Sims went over the key values in the US, laws that affect his life, the Preamble to Constitution, the Constitution, Federalists and Anti-federalists, and the Bill of Rights.


Now we are onto a short block on North American Geography and Cursive!

2 thoughts on “2016/2017 Block Three

  1. Love this, and hope you post more! We’re in grade 4 too and the man/animal block is challenging. I’ve decided to simplify and just do an animal block…which it seems were always doing anyway. I hate losing the Waldorf philosophy behind it though. I’d love to see more of what you’re doing.


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