Wacky Wednesday- Congaree National Park


We have visited quite a few mountainous areas, so this trip headed south to Congaree National Park.  We began the trip with a short tour led by Park Ranger who gave us some of the history of the park.

We then headed off on a short hike through the Pine bluff and into the flood plain.  Unfortunately, we could not hike many of the trails due to damage from Hurricane Matthew.  We did manage to see some amazingly old and large loblolly pine trees and oak trees along the way.  Hurricane Matthew also brought out quite a few mosquitoes that followed us along the trails!

After our hike and a quick bite to eat, we headed into the nature center where the kids worked on the Junior Ranger program.  We also watched the short, but highly informative, movie on the history of the area.



Since a lot of the trails were closed, we never saw a cypress tree on our hike.  Thus, we had to jump in the car and drive a little way down to the canoe drop in to find some of the old bald cypress trees.  They were beautiful!  We are going to try to make it back down in the spring to do a kayak trip.



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