Block Two- 2016/2017

We have come to the end of our second block!  I am still amazed at how well the school year is going (notice that I say “school” year.  we are working through some crazy emotional roller coaster things but the school part is going really well).  Our second block included Norse myths, Ancient Greece review, and Renaissance review.

Grade 4- Norse Myths

We started off the block looking at the Vikings and where the myths originated.  We then picked out a few of the stories to focus on this block.  I love how the older two sat just as intently during the stories as Parks did even though they have already heard them numerous times.  That is the beauty of myths!

Grade 6- Review of Ancient Civilizations and Ancient Greece

Sawyer and I worked on a timeline viewing how the ancient civilizations overlapped throughout the world.  Then she focused on Ancient Greece and the story of the Trojan Horse.  We mainly used the Oak Meadow Ancient Civilizations book and various internet sites throughout this block.  One site that we used, I highly recommend checking out!  It is called World History Timeline Maps.


Grade 8- Renaissance and Reformation Review

Last year, Sims had very little interest in the time period after the Middle Ages.  I thought that I really needed to tie in some of the big ideas from the Renaissance and Reformation eras in order to move on into the modern times.  Together, we looked at the World History Timeline Maps and did A LOT of discussion about how the areas changed.  We went over exploration, art, architecture, religion, symbols and scandals.  This block tied in nicely with Sawyer’s since a lot of the Renaissance was based on the ancient civilizations.  We watched the movie, “The Da Vinci Code.”  We used the Oak Meadow Ancient Civilizations book and several other books that we had on the bookshelf.  I am glad that I decided to go back over this time period.  He seemed much more interested this year.  He researched on the internet and started making connections to historical events.




One thought on “Block Two- 2016/2017

  1. I liked the Timeline Maps. One thing I noticed is that farming was well established over in China by this time, 3500 (the furthest back it goes, I think). Not so in the other places. Yet, I feel like I never really learned much about the Asian culture in ancient history. My history training was definitely a Westernized world view. Feels like it started with Egypt and the Mesopotamian culture.


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