Hush…School is in Session

Week One-Check

Week Two- In Progress and progressing well.

Last week, I wasn’t sure how the kids would feel about their schedule.  In fact, I pretty much thought that they were all going to complain about the amount of work and say that I was expecting too much.  I got a nice surprise when they all said that they liked the work plan books and that they liked the rhythm of the week (even with the extra activities).

So far our days look something like this:

  • Awaken, eat breakfast, chores (dishes, feed animals), on your own
  • Everyone meets at 8:30 to do a 15 minutes clean up (everyone has one room and one bathroom in the house that they are responsible for each week)
  • 8:45 We all meet in the sunroom for main lessons
  • After their main lessons (these have taken anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the activities), everyone works on their individual work and I go where I am needed.  They enjoy having the freedom to choose what they work on during this time (in other words, they can do math, copy work, grammar, science, etc first).
  • Activities begin around lunch time: Mondays-free afternoons, Tuesdays-barn at 12, Wednesdays-free afternoons (we are planning to do our hikes and field trips on these days), Thursdays-barn at 11, Fridays-classes starting at 10 for Sims and 2 for Sawyer.
  • Dinner at 6ish

Let’s hope the year continues this smoothly!  I hope your year is starting off well.



6 thoughts on “Hush…School is in Session

  1. I can see my old curriculum is not going to suit my third! She’s so independent and so I see she’d prefer workbooks she can work through on her own! Kind of refreshing after being so involved with my first two. And I think our help is going to go well. She did crafts with the third and second, and it’s so pretty. (I hate doing crafts.)

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    • LOL! I keep all of my books but I am not sure why. They rarely work for the next kiddo. Third kiddos are very different than the first two-at least from what I can tell from mine and my friends’ thirds. I can’t wait to hear how number 4 is when you start teaching. 🙂 So glad to hear that your helper is actually working out!!! Yep, I completely understand. I would craft all day long, but I don’t like throwing balls or frisbees or playing games. I love it when I find a sitter who enjoys those activities! That is why it takes a village. LOL.

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  2. Looks like a great rhythm, Sharon! I think when we nail it, there’s an ease that comes. And I would say tubing and wake boarding (is that what it’s called) definitely count as PE!

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