2016/2017 Planning

I worked on my school year throughout the summer, however I tweaked it and finished it up this week.  I came up with my blocks and most of my resources over the summer.  Taproot training helped me tweak and make my schedule a little more manageable.  So here goes!

Sims-Grade 8 Theme: Freedom


  1. Find and utilize an effective note taking strategy.
  2. Begin to implement assistive technology to complete assignments.
  3. Learn how to make and work towards goals.
  4. Awareness of how personal mood, tone, actions can alter other’s mood, tone, actions.
  5. Determine and complete an 8th grade project.

Person Goals: Find something that he enjoys reading.  Canter 4 laps around the arena without stopping.  Set up a forge.

Sawyer- Grade 6 Theme: Individualism within Community


  1.  Begin to utilize logical thinking and process in order to draw informed conclusions.
  2. As awareness of individuality continues to grow, find her place within the community as well.
  3. Continue to challenge herself with the new skills she learns.

Personal Goals: 2 pull ups.  A back handspring.  Make pajama pants and leggings.  Learn French.

Parks: Grade 4 Theme: Social Responsibility


  1. Find a peace with activities introduced.
  2. Continue to verbalize and communicate emotions.
  3. Find a balance between physical activities and mental activities.

Personal goals: Better handwriting. Set up a YouTube channel.  Go to Puerto Rico and Boone

And now to the planning piece!  I broke out my planner, my resources, my paper and my markers.  As usual, I folded my paper into 12 blocks and added in birthdays, trips, parties, etc that I know about at this time.  Next I looked at the blocks that I have planned for each child and I tried to place them together so that there is some overlap.  The next step I learned from my teacher training and was one of the pieces that I tweaked.  In the past, I have tried to fit all of the curriculum that I have into the schedule.  This year, I am using the schedule to determine how many lessons that I can do.  Thus, if I have 18 days of free days in a month; then I plan 9 lessons.  We present a lesson on the first day and review the lesson on the following day.

Sims’ blocks will include study skills, the Renaissance and Reformation, Civics, US History, North American Geography, and electronics.  He will also be doing a pre-algebra review and possibly begin Algebra using Math-U-See.  He will also take his first high school level class at a local homeschool group which will be a physical science class.

Sawyer’s blocks will include geology, a review of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, business math, My Little Roman Cousin from Long Ago, North American geography, and physics.  She will also use Math-U-See Epsilon for math.  Sawyer also is interested in learning French so I am looking into using Middlebury Language Academy for French Lessons.

Parks’ blocks will include NC history, Norse mythology, human/animal, local history, animal research, North American geography and drones.  He will use Math-U-See Delta for math.

Together, everyone will use Fix It Grammar books by IEW to work on copywork, grammar and vocabulary.  I also made a planner for each of the kids.  I hope that it will help all of us keep up!

plan 4

We started trying to get into our rhythm this week.  We will look through all of our books and plans later this week and plan to start lessons on the 29th!  I hope you planning is going well!

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