Pin It! Maps

The following is simply my thoughts on this curriculum.  I purchased it on my own and did not receive any items for this review.

Do your kids enjoy geography?  Are you looking for a way to bring more geography into your home?  Check out Pin It! Maps.

I read about Pin It! Maps first on Simple Homeschool.  I fell in love with the program when I read through the website.  The curriculum uses a hands-on approach to teaching geography.

So far, we only have the land and water forms map.  The package came with two pieces of Styrofoam, a laminated map, a control sheet, and “flags” with the land and water forms.  The website contains a wealth of information including activity cards, three part cards with the land forms, and more.

All of us enjoy the program and finding real life examples of each land and water form.  We also love that we can do the program individually or as a group.

I look forward to adding the world map and the map of the USA next year to expand our geography knowledge!

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