Finding Passion- Sewing


One major benefit of homeschooling is the ability and time to find passion in activities.  Throughout the day, the children have the time to explore topics and to tinker with art, inventions, and crafts.  Sawyer, 11 years old, has found sewing and fashion design over the past couple of years.  She truly enjoys looking at fabric and figuring out how to use different fabrics.  She draws new designs for her “models.”

Last year, her grandmother and she worked together on a cloak.  The cloak was Sawyer’s first experience with using a pattern.  Since then, Sawyer has taken a few classes on sewing and fashion design.  Now, she is making clothes for her dolls and herself.  I am amazed at her patience and perfection with each piece.  I have a hard time cutting a straight line and ironing.  She irons, cuts, pins, irons again, sews and finishes-all on her own.  She looks at the details of her work and tries to perfect them.

I look forward to watching her as she grows in this area.


6 thoughts on “Finding Passion- Sewing

  1. Awesome! I can’t sew either and have always harbored a little sadness that I can’t. My daughters naturally take an interest in it, but I can’t help them at all! But our machine is there for them with lots of fabric scraps! Good job, Sawyer!!!!


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